Post-pandemic travelers choose Turks and Caicos

Travel habits continue to change as a result of the pandemic. Travelers from the U.S are these days are now choosing to visit island destinations in the Caribbean over long haul trips. The new trend shows a distinct preference for island destinations. Islands are viewed as less populated, more secure and closer to home. The particular destination with the largest year-on-year increase is the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The insurance comparison website Squaremouth first reported a significant swing toward Turks and Caicos back last October, as mentioned in our previous post. Using the data collected from travel insurance applications it found that there was a significant swing away from travelling to Europe, which had previously accounted for over 30% of the traffic. Post-pandemic Europe now has just 8% choosing to travel there.

Back in October the year-over- year increase in insurance applications to visit TCI was 303%. In the latest report this number has now ballooned to 536%. This makes the Turks and Caicos Islands the fastest growing destination for U.S. vacationers with now 4.4 % of travelers choosing to visit.

The findings be Squaremouth show some huge increases:

Caribbean destinations now account for approximately 20% of the insurance policies purchased through Squaremouth, up for 8% previously.


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