Building Villa 2- Gracehaven Getaway

We are excited to announce that September 2021 marks the start of the building of our next villa. With this villa we hope to provide a lower price point than Gracehaven Villa and deliver a value option for visitors to Providenciales.

Gracehaven Getaway will be a smaller single storey “baby” villa with one king bedroom plus en suite and a living room and kitchen area with breakfast bar. The outdoor area will feature a sun deck with half-cover wooden pergola to provide shade where needed and a small splashpool as well to cool off after a day of activities.

We will aim to keep you up to date with the build and will add photos as we progress. September 1st marks the start of the build and you can see in the image below the partial clearance of the lot. As with Gracehaven Villa, we aim to keep as much of the lovely natural vegatation around the villa for both privacy and for a natural environment.