Building Villa 2- Gracehaven Getaway

We are excited to announce that September 2021 marks the start of the building of our next villa. With this villa we hope to provide a lower price point than Gracehaven Villa and deliver a value option for visitors to Providenciales.

Gracehaven Getaway will be a smaller single storey “baby” villa with one king bedroom plus en suite and a living room and kitchen area with breakfast bar. The outdoor area will feature a sun deck with half-cover wooden pergola to provide shade where needed and a small splashpool as well to cool off after a day of activities.

We will aim to keep you up to date with the build and will add photos as we progress. September 1st marks the start of the build and you can see in the image below the partial clearance of the lot. As with Gracehaven Villa, we aim to keep as much of the lovely natural vegatation around the villa for both privacy and for a natural environment.

NOTE- The entries on page are in chronological order. To see the latest updates scroll down the the bottom of the page.

Starting to clear the lot. September 1st 2021

The building in pictures.


Well , I know I said we’ll update as we go buuuuuttt…….I cant believe how quickly the new house is progressing. I feel as though I have missed out on posting whole bunch of details as its all gone so fast. Can you believe this picture is precisely 31 days after the photo above when construction was only just started!!? It looks so cute! This is going to be a great little hideaway from a private getaway to Turks and Caicos.

The roof is on the rendering of the walls is in progress and its all looking good. Its likely that the COVID-inspired delays on the delivery of the windwos will cause some delay, otherwise we would be sailing through uniterrupted adn finsihed in record time.

Window and door manufacturers are suffering all sort of delays due to supply chain issues for raw materials and components. Our lead time for the window order was 19 weeks from order to available for delivery in Miami.

October 19th 2021

Things are moving well ,and we have internal walls starting to take shape in our little Getaway villa now. I like how light it is inside the rooms. Those multi format windows do their job nicely! (well they will when they are actually in place! Due to be available in 10 days time in Miami.

The little Getaway Villa is looking cute!

The pool surround is nearly completed, and we have some of the deck taking shape too. As you can see here, we have mirrored the style of Gracehaven Villa with a small splash pool in a little garden oasis. There is natural bush surrounding the Getaway which helps to maintain the privacy and tranquility for our guests. We’ll be adding some neat landscaping as well so it will look great!

The pergola on the patio is being built this week. Still some detail finishing to be completed but it looks good so far.

December 2021

We are almost there.!

Much of the interior has now been completed. After a slight delay the kitchen units were fitted in the second week of December. We have also started on some exterior landscaping, adding a sundeck to the right of the pool and some pathways. The lot boundary is due to be fenced before the end of the month also.

The bedroom is taking shape. The lovely new king size bed is waiting to greet guests. Once we have the finishing touches here it will be a lovely room. Plenty of windows ensure lots of natural light all day long. The pool deck is right outside the big sliding doors.