Turks and Caicos photos -13 years of change

The Turks and Caicos Islands became one of the most popular the luxury tourist destinations only relatively recently in comparison to many other Caribbean and Bahamian areas. As visitors to Providenciales will know, the island has a rich collection of luxury vacation accommodation in both hotel resorts and luxury villas. However, these are all surprisingly recent and not so long ago the landscape of Providenciales looked very different.

Our photo collections here are from 2007 and shows those who are familiar with the the islands as they are now will see the striking difference.

All images by Don Wiss

Providenciales photos from 2007

Apart from Grand Turk which has become a popular cruise ship destination receiving more than 1.1 million visitors in 2019, the other islands remain relatively undeveloped to this point .

North and Middle Caicos photos from 2007

South Caicos and Salt Cay photos from 2007

Grand Turk photos from 2007