FAQs – Your questions answered

COVID-19 Questions

Can I cancel my booking because of COVID issues?

During the current pandemic, our cancellation policy has been changed to make allowances for the current travel issues.  We will provide a full refund up to 24 hours from arrival time for any bookings that need to be cancelled because of a COVID-19 related issue. This includes guests testing positive for COVID-19, guests unable to travel and make flights (direct or connected) due to delays in testing results. (Subject to provision of documented proof)

Visitors are required to upload the information on the TCI Tourism website where the documentation will be checked, and a TCI Assured sticker issued. You will not be allowed to board a plane to TCI without this.

All documentation must also be presented on arrival at the airport in Providenciales.

The TCI Tourism website has resources to help potential visitors find an accredited lab that can provide the test and also a list of insurance companies that can supply sufficient cover. 

For more details please see our latest blog post on the TCI travel requirements but also please refer to the official sources for full and up to date information  www.turksandcaicostourism.com

Gracehaven Villas Questions

Where is Gracehaven Villas?

The Turks and Caicos Islands are between the Dominican Republic and the  Bahamas. Gracehaven Villa is on the island of Providenciales, the key vacation destination of Turks and Caicos. It located in a central area of Providenciales known as the Bight, home of the Princess Alexandra National Park. It is just about 400 yards down the beach or  half a mile by road from the   Beaches all-inclusive resort. The Bight Settlement is between Grace Bay town center and Turtle Cove.  We provide all our guests with a welcome booklet showing the location which can also been seen on this website.

What villas do you have?

Gracehaven Villas ltd offers visitors a choice of property for their stay. The two villas are next door to one another, just off Stubbs Road in the \Lower \Bight area of Providenciales. They are both 250 yards from the beach and close to the famous Beaches Resort.

Gracehaven Villa is the larger of the two buildings and was built in 2020 to a special design which caters for a couple who want plenty of private space to relax on their vacation. It is a two-story villa with the whole of the upper floor dedicated to a master suite with two balconies. Additional sleeping is available on the ground level with a full size queen Murphy bed. The lower floor also has a full kitchen plus a living area. Outside is a covered patio plus a secluded private pool and poolside sundeck including an outdoor shower.

Gracehaven Getaway is a brand new villa completed in 2022. This smaller one-bedroom unit caters for couples who want their own private space complete with pool. Like Gracehaven Villa , it is situated at the end of a cul-de-sac laneway with no passing traffic. Being odd the street leading to the beach, it offers privacy and seclusion and is also a favorite for couple celebrating honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays and more. Th private gardens and pool area make it an ideal retreat for a quiet , relaxing vacation.

How far from the airport?

The villa is exactly 5.4 miles (8.7 kms) from the airport. It is an easy drive with only three major turns on route. Most of the drive is on the island’s main road called Leeward Highway and traffic on this road runs smoothly most of the time. Once you turn off the highway its just 1.2 miles on the quiet smaller roads to the Bight

Do I need to rent a car?

Renting a car or not depends on what you plan to do. A cab from the airport runs at around $25 with limo services costing a little more. But renting a car will give you more options.  It is possible to stay at Gracehaven for your stay and eat in the villa or locally in the nearby restaurants, but we do suggest that you make the most of what Turks and Caicos has to offer and take in the spectacular sights.  Find out more about renting a car in Turks and Caicos here

Are there nearby restaurants?

Yes, the nearest restaurants are just 200 yards walk at the beach! There are also a choice of 5-6 lovely places to eat just 1.6 miles away at Turtle Cove. All the facilities of Grace Bay town are just a quick 5 minutes drive. For full details see our guide  – Where to eat out in Turks and Caicos

What cooking facilities are there?

Gracehaven has a full kitchen with an oven and 4-burner range cooker as well as an over-the-range microwave. A fridge freezer is on hand to store your food. We also have an infra-red outdoor BBQ for those who prefer to cook outdoors on the pool patio.

Gracehaven Getaway has a kitchen also, however this villa features a 4-burner cooktop and has no oven. There is an under counter-style fridge freezer. The porch area also has a BBQ.

Are the grocery stores nearby?

One of the largest grocery stores on the island is just  3 minutes drive away ( 1.7 miles). Here you can buy almost everything you need to make your stay comfortable. If you are too busy enjoying your vacation, just let your villa host know what you need and we can arrange to get it for you ( chargeable service)

How many beds?

The villa has one main master suite on the upper floor with a full-size king platform bed. There is also a queen-size Murphy bed which is downstairs in the living area which provides additional capacity and is great for both adults and children. Four people can stay in comfort. All beds have full linen available and ready to use on your arrival.

What about bathrooms?

The master suite has an open walk-in shower with multiple shower heads as well as a 7-foot double vanity with ‘his and hers’ vessel sinks. A washroom completes the suite. The downstairs washroom has a toilet and single vanity. Hair drier, bath and hand towels and face cloths are all supplied clean and ready for your stay.

Is it accessible for wheels chairs?

The main entrance to the villa has three steps up from the surrounding grade level. We have a concrete path with a ramp to the pool patio area that would allow entrance to the villa for wheelchairs and buggies. The main bedroom however is on the second floor and only accessible by a flight of 16 stairs.

Turks and Caicos Island Questions

Any info on Providenciales?

There are over 40 islands included in the Turks and Caicos Island jurisdiction. Many are smaller sparsely populated islands, also know as Cays (pronounced like keys). Grand Turk is a docking destination for cruise ships visiting Turks and Caicos however the vast majority of the approximately 31,000 resident live on Providenciales. Provo, as it is often referred to, is 18 miles long and around 7 miles wide at its broadest point. It is around 39 square miles in area and reaches to 135 feet above sea level at its highest point. Learn more about Providenciales here.

What is the time zone?

The middle of Providenciales is 71.7979° West and roughly in line on the map with New York City. Therefore it is in the Eastern Time Zone and 5 hours behind GMT (Greenwich Mean Time AKA UTC). Daylight saving time adjustments are applied in Spring and Fall. In 2020 the clocks go forward on March 8th and Back on November 1st.

When is the best time to visit?

Wintertime is the most popular and so resorts and villas can be booked up. That makes it a more expensive time to visit and it’s also busier. It tends to be quieter from May to the end of July. The quietest time is August to the end of October which is the main hurricane season when there is an increased chance of storms although short-lived in most cases. Of course, much is dependent on the weather which is consistently warm and  sunny year round so anytime is a great time to be there. Learn more about the weather in Turks and Caicos here.  We also have a comprehensive guide to the best time to visit  the Turks and Caicos Islands on this website too.

How easy is it to get there?

Most visitors arrive in Providenciales by air. There are 222 flights on 69 different routes from Providenciales International Airport, connecting PLS to 60 different cities in 17 different countries. Around 15 airlines run regular services to Providenciales International Airport. These include major US airlines like American Airlines, United, Delta, Jet Blue, Canadian carriers Westjet and Air Canada and British Airways (via Antigua). Many local flights between Caribbean destinations also run via Caicos Express and Intercaribbean.

What is the airport like?

Providenciales airport is small with one main runway. Arriving planes do not have bridges to the Terminal so passengers have to disembark on steps and cross the open paved area to the terminal. Line ups at the immigration desks can be long when several planes arrive in proximity, but typically the wait is not much more than 15 minutes.  Saturday is always the busiest day of the week. Traffic on other week days is much lighter. There are several car rental companies based in the terminal as well as numerous taxi and limo services right outside the building. Most of the larger resorts and luxury villas will have a shuttle service of dedicated transport for their guests.

Is it easy to rent a car?

There are five or six car rental desks right at the airport exit just a few yards from the baggage collection. Some of these have cars at the airport parking lot across the road but others have off-site collections and need a shuttle to drive the 4-5 minutes to their lots. Learn more about car rental in Turks and Caicos here.

Is it easy to get around?

Fact: there was not a single motorized car in Turks and Caicos until 1964!  Today however, there is a good network of roads making it easy to get around. Many of the roads and streets are well signposted, although some signs may have fallen and not been restored in a hurry. The main highway is called Leeward highway and it runs the length of the island from the airport up to the ferry terminal on the far eastern tip of Providenciales.  One thing to note is that many of the smaller roads have speed bumps which can give your car a pretty good jolt if you fail to notice them in time to slow up. Also, there are some pretty deep potholes around which again can be a problem if you hit them at speed.  Some roads are not paved and these can be tough to negotiate in the smaller rental cars. Its best to exercise caution and not overdo it here.

Is it safe?

Since the Islands started to develop the demographic of visitors has been at the luxury end of the market. This has led to a calm and quiet environment with few crowds and lower crime rates than other parts of the Caribbean. It has been generally a safe place to visit and the crime rate has been low. Unlike other destinations where the tour operators recommend you stay within the resorts, this has never been the case here. Some illegal immigration has increased the crime rate in recent years, but it remains a safe place to visit. Naturally one should follow sensible guidelines and keep valuables away or hidden on the beach or in vehicles in secluded areas. Avoid walking around alone at night where possible.

Can you drink the water?

Providenciales is an island with low rainfall and few water sources. As a result, water is a precious commodity. The supply comes from desalination plants and is expensive. The water itself and the infrastructure is good quality however and can be consumed. Most visitors however prefer to drink bottled water which is available in any local store or at one of the island’s main supplier such as TCI Crystal.