The Islands

The Turks and Caicos Islands is actually over 100 different Islands. Many are smaller sparsely populated islands, also know as Cays (pronounced like keys). Grand Turk is a docking destination for cruise ships visiting Turks and Caicos however the vast majority of the approximately 31,000 resident live on Providenciales.

West Caicos and East Caicos are uninhabited and are natural environments with many beautiful features such as the Karst caves on East Caicos

Providenciales is the most developed island and has built a reputation as an exclusive destination for many of the rich and famous. Celebrity residents have included Bruce Wills, Celine Dione, Prince, Christie Brinkley, Keith Richards, Donna Karan and more.

Many come for the scenic beauty of the place where the turquoise waters of the Caicos banks shine brightly in the Caribbean sun before turning deep blue and the reef shelves drop away 5,000 feet into the Atlantic ocean depths.

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