Visit North / Middle Caicos

There is so much more to the Turks and Caicos Islands than most imagine. Visitors to the Turks and Caicos Islands typically arrive in one of two ways. By air or by cruise ship. For air travel arrivals, the destination is usually the Providenciales International Aiprort ( PLS). The air terminal sees the arrival of nearly half a million overnight vistiors per year. The sea arrivals are represented by the 1.1 million who visit Grand Turk on a cruise liner.

This means that the huge majority of visitors to the Islands are concentrated in the two main tourism islands of Providenciales and Grand Turk.

In fact the country of Turks and Caicos consists of well over 100 named cays ( islands) of which 9 are inhabited. With Providenciales being the main hub for tourism, it caters to the high -end visitor and featuring many luxury hotels and resorts as well as over 1600 Airbnb villas and condomium accommodations. Grand Turk tourism naturally centers around the cruise ship visits although there also other accommodation options here too.

Split Island Vacations

Why limit your TCI vacation experience? There is so much to see in the Islands, so make the most of your visit and expand your horizons. From the tranquility of the Grace Bay sands to the splendour of Mudjin Harobour, every part of TCI holds treasured memories for you to capture. Visit Provo and North / Middle and see more! Here’s what you are missing in Middle Caicos. Expand you horizons with a visit to the famous Mudjin Harbour.

Video by Jaime Murillo Martinez _ Dragon Cay Resort guest Jan 2023

Contact us to arrange a special deal on a split vacation, spending some nights with us in Providenciales and the other part of your stay in Middle Caicos at Dragon Cay. We will organize accommodation and travel arrangements to suit you in one package.

Or book your stay at Dragon Cay Resort directly with the resort here.

Getting there

Anyone who spends more than 4 -5 days in the Islands should take advantage of visiting the less developed areas in North and Middle Caicos. With a resident population of only around 3,000, there is minimal developed infrastructure to disturb the wonderful natural environment. These islands provide a staggering array of natural beauty

Reaching North / Middle Caicos is easy via a short 25 minute ferry ride costing $75 per person. The ferry leaves the eastern end of Providenciales from the Heaving Rock marina area. To see times and rates visit http://TCI

North and Middle Caicos are considered two separate islands but in practice they are joined by a small low-lying causeway which takes the road between the two main land masses.

Spectacular Mudjin Harbour, Middle Caicos

Mudjin harbour is without doubt the most famous landmark in Middle Caicos. The Dragon Cay rocks lie just off the beach at Mudjin Harbour. This stunning location rivals Grace Bay beach as one of the most photgraphed features in all the Islands. Be sure to walk to the point of the beach and also visit the ‘secret’ beach which accessible via a cave tunnel close by the Mudin Harbour Bar and Grill.

Tha Atlantic waves meet the Dragon Cay rocks

Where to stay

One of the best options for a stay on North / Middle has to be the famous Dragon Cay Resort. This little enclave of villas and studio cottages is nestled right above the Dragon Cay rock formation. Choose from one of the small cottages for two which dot the ridgetop on the small cliff overlooking the beach or, for a larger party, select the two bedroom Seawings Villa or the three bed Solstice Villa. Whichever option you choose you will be spolied with amazing ocean views and just a short 2 minute walk down to the famous beach with is crossing waves.

Dragon Cay Resort