How to get a COVID-19 test in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos vacations from Canada or the USA in 2021

Those keen to travel to the Turks and Caicos Islands for a vacation in the pandemic era will no doubt have already seen in the new that both the Canadian Federal Government and the U.S.A. Center for Disease Control ( CDC) have just issued recent new travel regulations . These are effective from January 7th 2021 in Canada and January 26th in the USA. Both countries now require all travelers arriving in in the respective homelands to have a negative COVID-19 test prior to boarding their flight to to that country. For those who are considering visiting TCI from Canada or the U.S.A, it is important for you to know that this new announcement should have no impact on your decision to test as testing is now readily available in Providenciales.

Here is the information you need to know that will help you with your travel arrangements:

The Canadian travel requirements :

All persons flying into Canada aged five years and above need to take a COVID-19 molecular polymerase chain reaction (or PCR) test within 72 hours before their flight’s scheduled departure.A negative PCR test is required and written or electronic proof of the negative result must be shown to the airline prior to boarding the flight to Canada. The test must be a completed a lab accredited by “an external organization” like a local government or professional lab in the country where the traveler is flying out of.

The U.S.A requirements:

Effective January 26th 2021 all person aged 2 years or older arriving to the US from a foreign country are required to get tested no more than 3 days before their flight departs and to provide proof of the negative result or documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 to the airline before boarding the flight. This includes all US citizens and legal permanent residents, The test must be a viral test ( NNAT/PCR test. ) Airlines are mandated to refuse boarding to any passenger who does not provide a negative test result for COVID-19 or documentation of recovery.

Testing facilities in Turks and Caicos:

There are currently three fully operational testing centres in Providenciales which can provide the tests required for return to Canada. All of the centres are fully licensed under the Turks and Caicos Islands Health Practitioners Board and Business Licensing Bureau.

ACCU Diagnostics

C101 Cabot House, Graceway Plaza, Providenciales

+1 (649) 941-5629…/ACCU-Diagnostics…/

Test cost – $185

Express service cost – $260

• Results are guaranteed to be emailed within 24 hours

• Express results have a 3-hour service for results

In-house testing (Hotel, Villas & Offices) by request at an additional cost of $125 for up to 5 people. For 5-10 people the cost is $200.

Grace Bay Medical Center

30 Allegro Road Box, Neptune Plaza, Providenciales

Tel: +1 (649) 941-5252


• Test cost – $215

• Results available in – 36-48 hours

OmniCare Medical Clinic

Town Centre Mall, Downtown, Providenciales

Tel: +1 (649) 941-5050


• Test cost $150 USD

• Results available – 24-36 hours

Whilst this is not an ideal situation and adds an additional cost to consider, it is a measure that is needed in order to make the future of travelling safe for everyone. The sooner we are able to manage and defeat the pandemic the quicker we will all be able to enjoy travel to the Turks and Caicos Islands in a carefree and enjoyable way as before, The good news is that with testing readily available in Providenciales there should be no issue with planning a vacation to the Turks and Caicos Islands. We look forward to hosting your next stay. Let us know if you have any comments or concerns.

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